What a Relief!

Good Ol’ Joe

With great relief and gratefulness, I can say that Joe Biden has won the election for President of the United States. If you don’t live in the U.S., let me just say that the past 6 months (or 4 years…) has been quite a challenge for us. The current holder of the Presidential office has single-handedly been able to cause a rift in the American people that is so great; so wide – we can no longer see each other as Americans, but people that are either blue (democratic) or red (republican).

Add to this the strain from a global pandemic, and you have quite a problem. People are sick (literally), and tired of the anxiety and constant antics from you-know-who. Now, if you ask a Trump supporter, you will get an entirely different picture. However, I did my best to give him the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, that he would actually accomplish some good things. Maybe reform health care, continue to support the environment, and be a haven to people from other nations that need refuge…..Nope. Didn’t happen. I knew from that first week with all the tweeting, that something was amiss. It’s been a long time to put up with the constant lying, misogyny, racism, and general “dumbness” from this individual. I know, as a person who voted for Joe, that this was not about policy (although it very well could have been), but a vote on CHARACTER.

Let me just say that I was literally in tears of joy, this morning when they finally declared him as the winner. My ancestors have been in this country since 1637, fought in the Revolutionary, Civil, and World Wars. There is not one of them that wasn’t rolling over in their graves the night the big mistake took place in 2016. It has been a Rough. Four. Years…

So rough, that many people I know have had unprecedented amounts of anxiety and fear in the last month – me included. I somehow ended up in a Zoom meeting last week for pranic healing. Nothing happens on accident – I really needed the help. I did have a healing, and it did work to tone it down quite a bit for this last week. I will blog more on this the next time.

I am writing today as a sort of catharsis; a way to actually believe that the nightmare is going to end soon. Biden will be president. There. It’s on the page.

Yes, there will be protesting. Yes, he will attempt some legal action. Yes, we expected all of it. But, the people have spoken, and they have handed down this decree….YOU’RE FIRED.

Hope not to further frustrate Trump supporters who may read this. It’s just how we feel. And we are happy. Cheers, Deb

The Weirdest Horror Movie

Happy October! As we continue with the paranormal theme, I want to touch on horror movies. Yes! I love a good horror movie, and enjoy the intense feeling of suspense and fear. For more on this, you can read my prior blog post, Scary Monsters: https://wordpress.com/post/debhead.home.blog/334

Recently, I attempted to watch a movie advertised on Netflix entitled “Midsommar”. I had no idea it was a horror movie, but as soon as I started watching it (on a sunny summer day), I had an impending feeling of doom. It was DARK my friends. It was like coming upon a car accident, and being unable to look away.

Now, you may have noticed I said, “attempted” to watch. This is because midway through the film, I was so distraught that I had to stop watching it. I can’t describe the feeling of horror at that point in the movie. It was more of utter disgust really. This is a highly acclaimed film, and I can see that point. Any movie that makes you stop watching it…..think about it constantly…..and then resume watching it to find out what happens has to be a great film. And that is exactly what I did; I resumed watching a couple days later.

I was afraid to see what would happen next. However, after finishing the entire thing, I have to say that it was the absolute WEIRDEST movie I have ever seen. After you see some things, they can never be erased. I’m not sure if I was better off watching it, or never watching it! Let’s just say the entire thing propelled you into another world, made you identify with the strange characters, and gave you the CREEPS for sure.

If you have time, and want to scar your brain forever, then I suggest watching Midsommar. Please drop a line to let me know what you think of it. Happy haunting! Cheers, Deb

Ghost Cam!

The Willard Library

Let’s keep going with our October theme of the paranormal with a little ghost video. This is the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana, which was built back in 1877 and achieved the status of a National Historic Place in 1972. Known for its Gothic Revival architecture, it houses 20,000 historical images, genealogical information, and local archives. However, the fame of the Willard Library truly lies in its ghosts, the most famous being the Grey Lady.

Her appearance was first reported in the 1930’s by a custodian, and since that time many workers and visitors have witnessed her apparition. As a matter of fact, you can view the Willard Library ghost cam online.

Here’s a summary of what’s going on:

Can you believe one library has so many international visitors? After looking through some of these videos, I can definitely see what the hubbub is. She appears quite often. However, I did spy some images that are not her, and I don’t know exactly what these are. Take a gander: http://willardghost.com

If this link doesn’t work, it’s worth the time to type it into your browser. These are stunning pictures caught on their webcams that might prove to you ghosts exist if you are a skeptic. I am sure there are no tours taking place this year because of Covid. However, if you are a ghost hunter, you might want to save up for a trip to Indiana next October. Be safe out there, and please comment or post a picture of your own spirit that we can check out! Cheers, Deb

My Haunted Condo

In keeping with the paranormal theme through the month of October, I am going to tell you about the only property I owned with it’s own little ghost.

It was the spring of 2012, and I had just gone through my divorce and received half of the value of our home. I wanted to invest in a place of my own, and after searching with a realtor from the area, found a townhouse built in the late 70’s. Part of the house had recently been redone, as a kind of “flip” for the previous owner. It had new drywall, paint, and carpeting. I knew the kitchen had to be improved, and I proceeded to buy it and do just that, installing new countertops and tearing down a non-weight-bearing wall. It was looking pretty good. I even had my psychic daughter do a walk through, and she didn’t feel anything bad, so, good for me!

I moved in all of my stuff and set to placing everything just as I wanted. The upstairs had 2 bedrooms and a bath, the basement had a large room, a laundry room, a huge bedroom, and and smaller side bedroom. I remember being in the basement messing with the drywall after the cable had been installed, and distinctly feeling that I was being watched. I shrugged it off as just the quiet enveloping me.

Because of the configuration of the living room upstairs, I placed my favorite chair at an angle, behind which was the door to the basement. It actually felt pretty creepy sitting there. However, I was spending a LOT of time at my boyfriend’s house, and so I was not in the house much, and hardly ever by myself. I don’t think I ever slept alone in the house; he was always with me. Right after I moved in, my best friend and her husband came to visit. I let them use the townhouse and I stayed with my boyfriend. She reported sitting in my chair reading my book, “34”, (about my daughter and paranormal experiences), and was so creeped out she had to go to bed. She kept looking behind her as if someone might be there.

The worst thing was that the laundry room was in the basement, and I had to go downstairs for that. It was just an unsettling feeling. I never experienced anything else. I did think the door to the basement was moving a little by itself, sometimes just a little more closed than I had left it.

Shortly after buying this, I ended up renting it out. My boyfriend wanted me to be at his house, and we figured it would be a good opportunity to make some money. My first renters were three kids in their early 20’s. Two men and one woman who were the best of friends and needing to split the rent to make ends meet. Three people: she used the extra room upstairs, and they used the two bedrooms in the basement. They all had jobs and worked at different times, so were rarely all together.

A couple of weeks after they moved in, I got a call from one of the young men. “Is your house haunted?” he asked. I answered that as far as I knew, it wasn’t. What was going on? They reported being in the basement together watching T.V., and hearing the sound of feet running in the hallway upstairs. They also reported the basement door opening and closing by itself. Hmmmm….I guess maybe it wasn’t my imagination.

The level of activity increased. They found my old ouija board downstairs, and started asking questions. Uh oh….things got worse. They thought it was a little girl. They heard little girl voices sometimes. The guy in the smaller room downstairs had to move into my old bedroom, because he was constantly being awakened at 4 o’clock in the morning – every morning, no matter what time he went to bed. He was becoming sleep deprived and creeped to the max. The woman went so far as to place holy water in her room. The ouija board game magically ended up under the couch upstairs – they had not placed it there.

After about 6 months, it became clear they wanted an out. My daughter and her boyfriend expressed a desire to move in, so I made that happen. My daughter had found ways to shut things out, and he was a non-believer. I do remember the basement door violently slamming right before her as she walked down the hall one day. She also reported not wanting to go down and do laundry, so she kept the door closed.

After finding that she was pregnant with my first grandchild, I decided to sell the townhouse and find a real house to buy that they could rent. I’m really glad I did. The townhouse was bought by an older couple who wanted to use it as a rental. I know someone lives there today, and would love to know if they experienced anything unusual.

If you want to know more about my paranormal journey, please pick up a copy of “34” by Debra Fulton. You can find it here:

Happy haunting, and have a great weekend. Cheers, Deb

The Third Most Haunted City in the U.S.

Greetings, and happy October. In keeping with my paranormal theme throughout the month, I would like to share with you a finding from my search today. Apparently, Yelp lists my city of Fort Collins, Colorado, the third most haunted city in the U.S. I was pleasantly surprised to find that we had beaten out other renowned cities, such as Salem, Massachusetts! Number 1 is Savannah, Georgia, and number 2 is New Orleans, Lousiana.

As a resident of this town for almost 20 years, I have done my fair share of ghost hunting. More than a couple of times, I have gone on the “Haunted Fort Collins” tour, which takes people into some of the more well-known downtown buildings with spirits still residing inside.

I think the creepiest place has now been bulldozed, and has a new hotel on site. It was the Armadillo Restaurant near Walnut and Mountain streets. Most notably, the garage on the left side of the property had a very colorful history. The property originally was the home of James and Eva Howe, who’s story prompted years of hauntings.

James was a nasty drunk who came home to his wife about to leave him with her small daughter. They began to argue, and James killed his wife in broad daylight in front of their home. People witnessed this, and eventually lynched James. They took him from the town jail and hung him. That jail is also one of the buildings included in the haunted tour.

The garage building next to the home served as a car dealership in later days, and also was a makeshift morgue after the crash of a small plane in the foothills back in 1951. Pretty creepy stuff, although there were also 2 suicides at that location to round out the dark history of the building. You can see more here:


I am sad to say that the garage is now gone; the site a new hotel called The Elizabeth. Not only that, but the haunting tour is suspended due to Covid, and hopefully will be revived after this is all over.

The question is, will The Elizabeth contain the spirits inherited from this site? Well, The Armadillo restaurant that was once on that site sure did. Sitting at the bar one night, I enquired the bartender regarding the hauntings. She assured me NO ONE went into the back end of the building after patrons left for the evening. Noises, whisperings, movement were all experienced there. The women’s restroom was particularly bad, with apparitions of the small Howe daughter, and even Eva herself. Perhaps she was showing herself to women, with the hope they would have some sympathy for her. Mr. Howe’s apparition was also seen near the end of the bar (probably needed a drink), and elevated slightly above the level of the floor. It is thought the original home sat on higher ground.

It’s all food for thought. My plan is to spend more time inside The Elizabeth, and question some of the workers to see if anything has been carried through.

Happy ghost hunting. I’ll bring you more paranormal musing as the month goes on. Cheers, Deb


β€œHe had never liked October. Ever since he had first lay in the autumn leaves before his grandmother’s house many years ago and heard the wind and saw the empty trees. It had made him cry, without a reason. And a little of that sadness returned each year to him. It always went away with spring.

But, it was a little different tonight. There was a feeling of autumn coming to last a million years.

There would be no spring. (“The October Game”)”
― Ray Bradbury, Long After Midnight

Well, it’s that time of year again – time for closing out the “living” part, and time to usher in the “dying” part of nature. Fall; sweet, sweet, fall….ahhh. If you are like me, you love a good ghost story, and so, for the rest of this month I will feature ghostly stories as a prequel to Halloween (probably my favorite semi-holiday). This year will be without trick-or-treaters and hayrides sitting close to each other due to covid, so we will entertain each other in different ways.

As you may know, I wrote a biographical book entitled “34” years ago. This was written under a pen name in order to keep our family life private. It is the true story of my close encounter with the paranormal, as my youngest daughter grew in the knowledge that she was a psychic medium.

For today, I will give a brief backdrop and short excerpt from “34”:

“She had left early from school that day. She described the visitation of the same little blond girl from the car, except this time, she was at school. No senior in high school wants other people to know that she’s freaking out in class because of seeing dead people. Right in the middle of advisory class, she looks up and sees the little blond girl standing not far from her, near the wall of the classroom with a vacuous stare. Only, this time she is full-figure in a short white dress, and covered in blood (seems this kid really has an issue, and she wants someone to acknowledge it). Liz broke out in a sweat, and felt light-headed. After the visage passed, she excused herself to the nurse’s desk and arranged to come home…..You may wonder, and I did too, in what manner these people appear. Most of the time, dressed in the condition in which they live. Some people only showed their faces and upper bodies, with the rest as a sort of blur. And then there were the shadow people, the people who were unidentifiable with just gray shadows that came and went briefly. Most of the time, Liz had no idea who these people were. The ones that gave off a bad vibe she called “creepers” I wanted no part of them.”

If you are interested in reading the book in entirety, please follow this link:

Also available on Audible

Thank you for your indulgence in something spooky, and I look forward to providing more in that genre for the rest of October. Happy Haunting! Cheers, Deb

Releasing That Which Does Not Serve You

I’m going to talk about something very personal today, which I think may help some of you in a similar situation. My youngest daughter and I were at one time extremely close. She had experiences as a teen that only I tried to understand. I didn’t judge her, I just listened, and I think that was the best thing for her at that time in her life.

As things went on, I divorced my children’s father, and eventually found a new person to travel life with. She, as well, grew up, and found her partner. She has been married for four years and has two children. About the time she met her partner, things just started getting different between us. It was as if we realized we didn’t fit in the same position we once did for each other. We slowly became estranged. Things got very strained, and weird, and I don’t think either of us really knew why.

I spent about 5 years trying to understand why she seemingly hated me. While this is probably untrue, that is how we talk to ourselves sometimes. I moved away for 2 years, which made the situation worse. I purposefully flew back home to visit her family at least every 3-4 months, because I wanted to see my grandson (as well as her) so badly. I meditated, and prayed over this situation relentlessly.

Finally, just before she gave birth to my second grandchild, I just couldn’t take it anymore. It felt like I was tied to the whipping tree, and every time I reached out to her, she hurt me more. What to do? I gave up, and then saw an ad on Instagram by a psychic healer that I followed. She was interesting, and put forth pretty rational thinking, so I made an appointment to speak to her.

Immediately upon speaking, she could sense my pain. I gave up no information, however, once pressed on why I was so sad and frustrated, I explained the situation. She said she felt my daughter and I were connected so strongly – so tightly to one another, that neither of us could breathe. She went on to see that we were connected by our root chakras. This is the base chakra at the bottom of our spines. The root chakra connects us to the Earth, and builds the foundation for the rest of our energetic being, however, I don’t believe it is meant to be shared with another person.

After speaking for about 40 minutes, she gave me the best advice I ever received: cut the cord. If I could just CUT THE CORD energetically, through my psychic self, we could both heal and I would finally be free of the pain. We had to distance ourselves from each other in order to grow.

Long story short, it worked. I started working on healing myself. I began giving myself some love and space and stopped beating myself up over it. I immediately, and I do mean IMMEDIATELY, began to feel a great weight lifting off of my shoulders.

We are doing much better today. I see her as much as I can, and love to spend time with my grandchildren. We had it out with each other, and I was surprised to find that it bothered her almost more than it bothered me. We are two peas in a pod. The bottom line is, that relationships can be difficult. We aren’t here to breeze through our lives with no conflict; that’s not what helps us learn.

I kept hearing through years and years of yoga practice, “release the things that no longer serve you.” This was a prime example. I needed to release guilt, fear, frustration, and imaginary scenes of what I thought our relationship should look like. Release the stuff that just makes you crazy. Let it go, and somehow it will right itself. Great advice that I could have listened to earlier finally materialized in my stubborn self.

If you do self care first, you will have enough care to give to others. Stay well, Cheers, Deb

The Overview Effect

Last week I watched a show about enlightenment. During part of the discussion, I heard the term, “the overview effect”. This is a phrase, and then a book written by Frank White, a space philosopher. Mr. White had the uncommon decision to join the Air Force Academy (he secretly wished to be an astronaut), or take an offer to attend Harvard with scholarship money. He chose Harvard, and then involved himself with something called the Space Studies Institute in order to pursue his fascination with outer space.

His studies tried to answer the question of why we need to travel in space. Was there a larger purpose we needed to fulfill? He really wanted to understand the philosophy behind human space exploration. In the course of his studies he interviewed a lot of astronauts, and here are some of his takeaways:

  • It is hard to explain in words the feeling that you get from looking at Earth from space
  • Astronauts realize they are getting a view that not many humans will ever have
  • Moving around the Earth changes your sense of time, a manmade construct
  • Zero gravity changes your perspective on being Earth-bound
  • People will never understand the overview effect through words – only through space travel

Basically, the “overview effect” is a “cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts during space flight, often while viewing Earth from outer space.”

We have the potential, as a human species, in the not-to-distant future, to travel into outer space on commercial flights. More and more people will have the opportunity to experience the overview effect. How will this impact our relationships on Earth?

My thought is that having a wider lens may be just the ticket for resolving some of today’s hottest problems. No visual boundaries will lead us to examine our relationships with people of other nations, religions, and cultures. Seeing the atmosphere, and the interconnectedness we have on this planet may invoke massive social action on the climate change issue – the most deadly threat we have right now. And most of all, that experience may lead to more personal examinations on who we really are and why we are here.

My hope is that this happens soon. The sooner, the better for all of us. Not only can we apply the overview effect to our Earth, but in our own microclimates, keeping us aware that we are all in this together. Let’s make the best of that. Have a great weekend, Cheers, Deb

The Puffy Green Chair… OR – The End of a Marriage

My puffy green chair, or “divorce chair”, is still sitting like a silent sentinel in the basement, tilted to face the over-sized, flat screened television on the wall. At one time, this chair was my prized possession. After voluntarily fleeing from my home and husband over nine years ago, I awaited delivery on the few pieces of furniture that could complete my apartment ensemble. One of these is the afore -mentioned puffy green chair.

In this chair I spent time dreaming, crying, laughing, posturing myself on my little laptop, finishing my first book, “34”, and cruising Match.com and condos that I could buy with funds from half of the house we owned. It is a perfect chair, just the right size for me, and cozy in a way that makes you feel like you are being hugged, which I desperately needed at that time.

I had been married for 25 years (almost), and decided to either make my life my own, with all of it’s oddities and curious meanderings, or stay in a basically respectful, but loveless, marriage in order to appease the world. I chose the former. I have many reasons for the things I have done, many of which wouldn’t make sense to an outsider, or anyone other than me, really. And in the end, we have to live our lives in a way in which we continue to learn, and grow. I felt I could only do this if I went on without him.

Luckily, I found another soul who feels the same way, and went through a lot of the same struggles that I did. I live with him now, and we don’t take each other for granted. We have synchronous, yet separate lives at times…..and that works perfectly for us. We take solace in each other and want to move through the future times together.

All of this being said, I do have moments of “back flashing”, when I wonder about my steps. I have occasional dreams that I have to marry my husband again, or I have to choose between two very different and difficult things. The subconscious does not lie. We have to work on ourselves and our psyches for many long years. Ending a marriage with children is done every day. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard, and suffocating, and sometimes scary. People are more self-aware now. We aren’t going to continue in relationships that stunt us, and I think that is revolutionary in a way.

Will marriage continue to be a societal norm 100 years from now? I do hope so. I know many wonderful, happy couples that couldn’t imagine anything but the arrangement they have made. However, if you are struggling to choose, I hope you can talk it out, be adults, and make the best decision based on YOUR requirements for your life – not someone else’s.

So, sometimes, I walk down the basement stairs and really look at that chair. It symbolizes my freedom, in a way. I sit in it and remember that turbulent and transitional time in my life. I am thankful to the point that makes tears run down my face. I am happy, and I think my ex is happy as well. I do want the best for him, because he remains my good friend until this day. And then, I start looking at the present day and what I will do, because I am not living in the past….but going ever forward.

Have a wonderful weekend, and please follow or share to someone who may need this right now. Deb