Veg Out

Veggie dreams….

Hi all you wonderful people. People that eat. And sleep. And eat….Yes! I love to eat, and I bet most of you are also fond of this essential component of life. The problem can start when we only live to eat, and nothing else….which many people do. How can we draw the line on the amount and types of food we eat when there is so much yummy stuff out there?

We are constantly bombarded by food shows and commercials, local fast food, and diet fads. Ugh, just thinking about all the time I have thought about food over the last 54 years makes me cringe. So, I thought I would report what I am doing about diet on a personal level, because we really don’t know how other people eat, and it can be interesting.

Because I have a tendency to have general inflammation, especially joint inflammation, I have not eaten gluten for the last few years. I find that it surely helps reduce the amount of pain I have. For more on this, may I refer you back to another blog: Gluten Glutton Thankfully, it’s really not that hard to be gluten free these days, although a bit more expensive I have found.

Starting two months ago, I went primarily vegetarian. I do have the occasional meat treat now and then, but it’s rare. I have not noticed much in regard to personal health, other than less inflammation overall. The trigger for me was watching a Netflix documentary called, “Game Changers”. Since I had dabbled in veggie land before, this seemed to do the trick. If you watch it, be prepared. Lots of scientific stuff is coming at you about health and vegetarianism.

I have learned to make more things using only plants, and enjoy the feeling of not eating things with a face. I do love animals and the planet, and I do feel that continuing to produce animal foods will eventually be unsustainable. Do the research….it’s out there. Here’s the thing that I just read though: January is now also “veganuary”. This is the designated month to try and eat like a vegetarian. It is gaining popularity. (No, I hadn’t heard about it either)

It seems that Veganuary has more to do with weight loss than saving the environment, or feeling better overall. However, as with other weight loss diets, the shift into vegetarian meals tends to be a transient one. Most people go back to eating the way they always have. For me, I am going to keep chugging along. If I go to a party and there are some yummy meat options, then I’ll eat them. I just won’t cook it at home. This seems to work for me.

Whatever your diet is, remember that there are many options out there to choose from. If you want to try Veganuary, check out some vegetarian recipe sites, as well as watching some documentaries, like “Game Changers”. You might be surprised at the flavor and variety available in the world of plants.

Cheers, Deb

Don't Be Ridiculous

This week, I happened upon a forwarded Facebook post which stated that, “American schools are forcing students to practice Buddhist meditation.” Now, I’m not sure where this particular bizarre rant originated, but it sure did piss me off.

Let me preface this by saying that after 20 years of yoga and meditation, trying to understand myself better and live with a more peaceful presence upon this crazy planet, I still can’t fathom why people don’t understand basic concepts… let me go on…..

Number 1: Buddhism is not “pushed” down people’s throats, in public school, or anywhere else. If you took the time to do a little research on comparative religion, you would find that Buddhism seeks to do the opposite. Buddhists are not pushing an “agenda”. They are peaceful, thoughtful people who encourage other people to take a path that makes sense to them. They could care less if you are a Buddhist. Actually, a Buddhist monk that spoke at a seminar I went to, distinctly stated that “Buddhism was never meant to be a religion.” So, take that into consideration.

Number 2: Meditation is not inherently Buddhist. Yes, Buddhists have perfected many paths that help the individual in meditational pursuits, but ALL religions on the Earth have, or do presently, practice meditation. Meditation is quite similar, if not equivalent to prayer. Let me just say here that prayer is NOT constantly asking a divine presence for intercession and help, at least that is not what prayer is supposed to be. Prayer is meant to be a communication between an individual and the central energy of the universe (some call this God, others do not). So, if you are a Christian, you may remember that Christ told us to “pray without ceasing”. That is meditation, as far as I am concerned.

Number 3: Being continually paranoid that your religion is not being followed, or is not gaining members is an internal problem that you need to work on. What is it inside of you pushing your agenda? Do you honestly want other people on the planet to be happy, joyful, and successful individuals? If the answer is “yes” (and, it should be), then you have to realize that not everyone is you. Actually, no one else is you. Therefore, logically speaking, all paths to enlightenment are different. If you are unable to accept that other acceptable paths exist, you have an ego issue.You can make suggestions, but in the end, the person works inside of themselves….at least we hope so. You see, you may have found a pathway, which could be a religion, a non-religion, or whatever came about for you. However, even the person on the most traditional pathway still has to do the work. Just because the path is in front of you, doesn’t mean someone else can walk it for you. That’s all you.

Number 4: Meditation has been scientifically proven to help children as well as adults not only mentally, but with physical health. Some studies indicate that a mindfulness practice helps children react with better behavior, reduce anxiety, and brings about self-awareness and empathy. Meditation, or mindfulness practice also helps with problem solving, memory skills, and enables kids to think in more innovative ways. I think most people would agree that the world could use a wider lens, with less paranoia and anxiety. We need a population of thinkers; people who will drive us into a more sustainable world.

Final thoughts. I don’t usually get my panties all in a bunch because of one knucklehead. This time, though, I had had enough. All that my practice for 20 years has done has led me to self-awareness, and the ability to see what needs to be fixed inside. I can’t make other people act with love or logic, I can only change my reaction to them.

So, If you don’t agree….I don’t really care that much. I have to just state my case. Go on believing things that feed your ego. Things that you really don’t know anything about, and are fearful of learning about. That is what makes you you….and I’m grateful everyday that I’m not you!

Sorry for the rant. Now I can get on with my meditation. Cheers, Deb

Give 2 hours of TV time

What if every able bodied adult, who had adequate resources, and a good support system, gave up 2 hours of television a week? What if they took those 2 hours and went somewhere to volunteer doing something…anything?

According to the Nielsen report, American adults watch on average slightly over 5 hours of television a day. This peaks in the winter months when there isn’t much to do. Wow! 5 hours is more than half of the average workday. Seems a little wasteful. So here’s this: get off the couch for 2 hours a week (not much of a sacrifice), and go do something for someone else.

Volunteerism in the United States is changing as technology evolves. More people are donating to nonprofits by phone, and able to work for other entities online. However, there are so many benefits to going out of your house to volunteer.

Here is my example. Before moving to Seattle in 2017, I worked about 4 hours a week at my local animal shelter. As badly as I wanted to walk the doggies, I somehow got keyholed into feeding the cats. Through the experience I got to know some of these animals. I was astounded at the time it took adult cats to get adopted, and started ardently praying that these guys wouldn’t be there the next time I went in. It sometimes took 4 to 5 months for an adult cat adoption.

I also feed the cats that were getting ready for adoption. That included the mean ones that hissed at you, and the groups of tiny, neglected kittens that went apeshit when you opened the cage. It was quite an experience. Sometimes I washed the pet dishes, or did the laundry.

Now that I am back from Seattle, I am signed up to shadow a volunteer at the local raptor program. This is a place for birds of prey that have injuries, or are permanent residents due to their injuries. They go to community events and show the birds as well, to educate people on raptors. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but there weren’t any openings, so I hope this leads to a long and prosperous lifetime of bird care. ….we’ll see.

Think of something that you have always wanted to do. Do children need help with literacy? Do homeless need to be fed? Do you just want to volunteer at a desk, or do some computer work for a nonprofit? I urge you to give it a try. The benefits are numerous, including: providing self confidence and a sense of purpose, combating depression, and helping you stay physically healthy.

It’s a new year, and a new you. Get out there and give something, you will receive a whole lot more back than you thought.

Cheers, and please follow for more thoughts! Deb

Entering the 5th Dimension

7 signs you’re moving into the 5th dimension:

  • More joy and love in daily life
  • Negative issues are released easier
  • The world seems more beautiful
  • Time feels like an illusion
  • Experiencing regular synchronicities
  • You feel guided by a higher power
  • You can access powers of a multi-dimensional body

Over the past few years I have noticed that I am on a quest of some kind. This kind of quest pertains to my spiritual enlightenment, which for some, is not a “thing”, but for others like me, is the singular reason I am alive on the planet at this time. Events over the course of my life have been directing me to a path of inner peace, conscientiousness, and desire to find my connection to the universe while living in my body.

As you can imagine (and maybe you are also in this with me), there are approximately 1 million different ways to find purpose and elevation of spirit while living in your physical body. Just take a gander at the plethora of information available to us on the internet, bookstores, and various meetup groups being formed…..psssst….SOMETHING is going on, if you haven’t noticed!

It usually starts with a casual conversation, perhaps about something paranormal or spiritual in nature. Maybe you came through a religious path, or maybe you came at it through a crisis in your life. You get the idea; no one learns the same, but all roads lead to the realization that there is more than what meets the eye at this time. You also feel pulled to investigate it, and feel more fulfilled and loved, and secure when you do. Little things aren’t so big. Emotions are fleeting. We are searching for the good and ignoring the bad.

Recently, I came across a woman who is a channeler. This person had a near death experience, and since that time has been able to speak to archangels….yes….archangels. She leads conferences, and helps people one-to-one, along with her husband who was on a similar path and they fell in love. According to her, and through the guidance of her angels, we as a species are going to enter the age of the 5th Dimension.

We live in a 3 dimensional reality. Beyond this, there are apparently much higher vibrations that can be achieved. The 4th dimension consists of feelings of love, oneness, and lightness. Sounds awesome, but wait….there’s more. The 5th Dimension is even lighter. It vibrates at an even higher frequency, and consists of pure love, a cosmic consciousness, and a multiple-dimension reality.

We aren’t even close to being there. Ask you next-door neighbor. He might look at you as if you need mental assistance. Nope! You’re not crazy at all, it really is starting to shift. The world is on the precipice of either disaster, or joining together to create a more beautiful world full of higher consciousness. We need to drop the bad self-talk, and the even worse external talk. Our DNA is actually influenced by positive thinking, as current epigenetic research is finding. Here is a link to one such article:

The ends of our DNA, called telomeres, can be lengthened with mindful meditation, which has helped people with chronic disease conditions lengthen their lives. Here is an article on that:

Everyday I am amazed at how positive thinking can improve my life. I am also amazed that other people can detect this simply through simple contact. For example, last week I listened to some uplifting music by Simrit (one of my favorite Kundalini yogi singers) before work, and the strangest thing happened. As I met other co-workers, I could tell that they were being uplifted simply from talking to me. I know that sounds a bit weird and self-serving, but I couldn’t help noticing that people wanted to be around me, to talk to me, ask my advice on things, etc. It turned out to be a great day. There was a feeling of love, that’s the best I can describe it.

So, the root of it is being comfortable with yourself. It will build into a confidence that you can change into something with a higher vibration, which will lead you to a feeling of belonging in the universe. Simply put: start meditating every day. No excuses. No time requirements. Just sit on the cushion and shut up! Lot’s of things will happen, but you will feel better for it.

I hope I have sparked some curiosity, or even skepticism. It’s all good. Join the species in an upgrade……let’s move into the 5th dimension together.

Cheers, Deb

Merry Christ consciousness

Merry Christmas, no matter what tradition you follow, or if you follow a tradition. Christmas to me, as an American female raised in the Midwest, holds many meanings.

As a child, and up until my 40’s, I would respect traditional Christian teaching and go to church for Christmas service. Christmas has remained my favorite time of the year, not only for commemorating the coming of Christ into physical form, but as a time of hopefulness.

Christmas should be the quiet time of reflection that leads to a sense of peace and security. It should be the last bastion of hope for humankind as far as extending the olive branch of peace. May all people be filled with a loving kindness that permeates any divisions among us.

No matters of religion, gender, political affiliation, age, or wealth gap should separate us from each other at any time! But, we try to be more mindful of this at Christmastime. Why should we? More and more we are embracing a new wave of “Christ consciousness”. What is this, you may ask.

This term may be thought of as “new age”……but I find it to be applicable now more than ever, as we continue to be more interconnected as a species.

Christ consciousness can be defined as: a state of consciousness where a person has found self-realization, and through this, their unity with God (or the Universe, the light, or the energy) that we are all a part of. The expansion of your identity through this body to the omnipresent spirit, will help you realize your consciousness extends throughout the universe.

Wow! Because this thought is not fundamentally Biblical in nature, it may be rejected as anti-Christian. But, I would extend to you, that this may be exactly what Christ was trying to teach through parables and miracles. Any act of self-realization is good for the planet. It shines a light on the fact that we are all pretty much the same, in form and experience. Christ never taught divisiveness or hatred, jealousy, or judgement by another person. We all have lessons to learn, and love to give.

So, as we say in church, let your light shine…..Merry Christmas everyone. Let’s share some love and peace this holiday season. Cheers, Deb

The Birth of Light

My buddy

Saturday, the 21st will be the winter solstice, the day of the year that we observe the least amount of sunshine, or the shortest day, here in the Northern Hemisphere. Throughout human history, we have observed many different rituals that take place on the longest night of the year.

For instance, in Scandinavia, there is a St. Lucia day, which kicks off the Christmas season. In China, families celebrate a special meal with rice balls called “tang yuan”. This time of the year is observed to remember the yin and yang of life; the positive and negative, the darkness and the sun. In England, winter solstice celebrations take place at Stonehenge, because it is thought by archaeologists that the structure definitely was built with the position of the sun in mind. And in Iran, an ancient Persian festival to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, “Yalda”, is observed with family gatherings.

Basically, for thousands of years humans have observed the movement of the planets and stars. The equinoxes were occasions that marked the passing of our lives, and our connection to the universe. Winter solstice is a time for reflection and renewal. It can be thought of as depressing, but I would like to leave you with a positive reflection.

A yogi that I follow on line referred to the winter solstice as “the birth of light”, and this really resonated with me. Not only is it the start of longer days that lead to warmer weather, but the 21st of December is my grandson’s birthday

My grandson will turn 4 on Saturday, and I can’t relate to you how much I have bonded with this little boy. 4 years ago, I was feeling pretty low. My older brother had died unexpectedly that summer. No matter what I did, I could not pull myself out of the depressing funk that permeated my daily life. I remember climbing under the covers in the middle of summer, crying unexpectedly, and having no joy in life whatsoever. It was a total bummer.

The birth of my grandson changed all of that. His birth brought joy back to me, and a love that is beyond understanding. I felt needed as a grandmother, to care for a developing person and add my tidbits of knowledge whenever I could. We have been close ever since.

For me, the 21st of December is not the darkest day of the year – it is truly the “birth of light” in more ways than one. His light shone forth, and brought me through the darkness. I hope that this will make you feel a little differently about the winter solstice, and that in your heart you will experience your own “birth of light”.

Have a wonderful week. Please follow me for more thoughts, and post a like or comment if you will. Cheers, Deb


Some days do you just feel “blah”? Definition of “blah-ness” according to moi is:

  • No motivation whatsoever
  • Not much in the thought department
  • physical lethargy
  • apathy
  • boredom? If I can label it…

But why? I had a list of chores a mile long starting 3 days ago. Christmas is soon upon us, with a laundry list of gifts, baking, etc. I have to say….I got it all done! My efficiency has led to total apathy at this point.

I could work on many things. I could do some creative writing. I could work on meditation and spiritual stuff. I could go to the gym, or walk the dog (except it’s 20 degrees, and I don’t want to), or I could even do some light housekeeping. Naaa, just don’t feel like it.

I guess some days are meant to be blah, because we need “blah-dome” to have ultimate physical and mental rest. Perhaps while I lay on the couch, or wander lacklusterly around my house, I will be inspired to actually “do” something. However, that brings the question of why we need to always be “doing” something.

How about we do nothing? Nothing has value. Nothing is still something. We would have no concept of good/bad, or positive/negative if we didn’t have a nothing to weigh against the something. When you think about it, life can be pretty boring. I am looking at my dog right now wondering if this is how he feels 90% of the time…….just waiting for something to happen as he stares at the snow covered trees and cars outside the window.

Yikes. I guess I’ll have a little reading time, and then tackle that cookie packaging plan for giving treats to my neighbors. Tomorrow is another work day, so at least I’ll be focused on that. Time to go meditate…. 🙂

Have a restful, and hopefully purposeful Sunday afternoon. Cheers, Deb

Psychic meetup fun

Have you connected with your spirit guides? Last night I went to my first meetup group for connection with my spirit guides. I know you may not know what this is, or believe it is possible to connect to your guides, so let me explain.

First: spirit guides are a psychic manifestation of our higher selves. Through these “guides” (which may present to you differently than to other people), you will connect with higher purpose and receive information and intuition that can guide you down correct paths in your life.

This is assuming that your higher self is connected with divine consciousness (which I personally believe is true), and your higher purpose wants to instruct you on how to live a fulfilling life, while learning life lessons to bring you closer to your higher self! Whew!

This whole thing is going to produce a TON of questions, including: “Why can’t I already know this stuff?, Why do I need to know this? Why are we living in a physical body, then?….and on…and on… and on…”

This, my friends is called “starting on your spiritual journey”, which many people on the planet never walk on, ever, (you can tell this easily), and getting yourself involved in a seemingly endless quest for answers to life itself. It can become all-consuming and quite convoluted if you let it.

This does not negate the quest itself. I feel that “an unexamined life is not worth living”, as supposedly stated by Socrates. As a human, I feel it is very important to try and figure out what the heck I’m supposed to accomplish here, and I’m pretty aware that it’s not money in the bank, a big house, or a diamond collection. That being said, I have been “awakened” to this quest for about 15 years (consciously, anyway).

Back to the original spirit guide meetup group. This consisted of 1 leader, who has learned to connect with her guides, who connect with your guides, who inform you about stuff, and 4 participants. I already have “connected” with my guides through other means, but wanted to see what was up.

We all have 4 primary ways we receive intuitive information, and our guides will chose which of the 4 ways to best commune with you. It helps to know how you operate in order to work on and strengthen the primary tool they will use.

  • Clairvoyance: you can “see” mental pictures that inform you
  • Clairaudience: you can “hear” them telling you info (do not confuse with your own voice….hard one)
  • Knowing: you instinctively “feel” this intuition in your gut
  • Feeling: you feel everything, even taking in other people’s junk. Yuck!

For my part, everything was as expected. My primary connection is clairvoyance, and secondary is clairaudience. It’s true that I “see” things in my mind’s eye that look kind of like the negative to a photograph. I can also ask for more information on these pictures, and will be told who the person is, or what the symbol means, etc.

I have to say that being with a group of consciously aware people in a small room will make you feel really great! It was also fun listening to everyone’s spiritual journeys and how they related to the information given. Our next big class will be on January 2, where we will receive our guides “intentions” for us for the upcoming year. I can’t wait to hear what this is!

So, if you are inclined to walk on your spiritual path, and are lucky enough to have groups of like-minded people in your town, I highly recommend that you take the time to participate. If you don’t, just spend more time with yourself in meditation, because no one else is going to be able to do this work for you, and it is ultimately healing.

Have a wonderful weekend, and take care. Life is for living! Cheers, Deb

Why I gave up Anxiety

Anxiety seems to be a pervasive emotion nowadays. People are going to the emergency room in my state of Colorado at an ever increasing rate. Most of these mental conditions consist of depression and anxiety. I can’t say I have given up feeling depressed once in a while. After all, negative stuff happens to everyone, and I have had my fair share. I do manage to blow it off pretty well though.

Anxiety, by definition is: “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome” (Oxford dictionary)

Number one: I am getting into my mid-50s and have discovered that I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of ease and peace that comes with a certain age. Maybe I just don’t worry about stuff because it’s a little late to start now.

Number two: There are simple techniques to handle minor nervousness. Stop drinking caffeine, learn deep breathing exercises, talk to a friend for perspective, meditate…

Number three: “an uncertain outcome”… hmmm. Isn’t every event in life uncertain? Can we have utmost certainty that ANYTHING is positively going to happen? I have to argue NO on that one. If I spent time worrying about uncertain outcomes, I could worry all day, because every event is, by nature, uncertain.

Number four: This is the weird one. I have discovered that I have a type of apathy (but not exactly) about things in general. I want to explain this one. I don’t have the attitude that I just don’t care, because I do care. As a matter of fact, I care about things more now than ever. I care about my family, my health, my relationship, and my job. I care about the planet, and it’s future. I do care.

The difference now is that I have acknowledged the limits of my effectiveness in changing much of those things. I may love as much as I can, and still have a poor relationship event. I can recycle and spread knowledge about the environment, but have a very low impact on stopping it. I can work extra hours to make more money, but until I find a position I like better, I will remain there.

I guess you have to say that I have developed more faith that things will work out. We are living on this earth a very short time, and what will be, will be. I am here to experience things and learn from them. I am not here to drive myself crazy about the limitations I have.

Tragic stuff happens at unexpected times. I am not going to think about those things, because I truly believe that when you dwell on certain things, you attract those things. That is why I wake up and say, “I’m tired, but going to work. I really don’t have to do anything else today that is life-threatening if I don’t do it, so, might as well make some money.”

I wake up with gratitude that I can still physically and mentally function. I thank the Universe, God, the all-encompassing consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, that I have the things I do. Dwelling on what you DO have attracts good stuff. Dwelling on things you DON’T have attracts bad stuff. That’s it. No anxiety.

My hope for anyone that reads this, is that you can identify with a feeling of ease; that you can wake up with gratitude and stop the negative inner voice. Be your own coach and best friend. Tell yourself that everything will be okay – because it will.

Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend. Cheers, Deb

Mistakes=a million, Regrets=0


Yesterday, my boyfriend listened to a story of mine about how I drank a LOT when I was a teenager and seemed to survive. This story, among a whole bunch of other terrifying memories of my youth, can send me into a tailspin of regret….if I let it.

He asked me after listening to this about whether I regretted doing it. My answer was “no”, and here is the reason why. We all make mistakes. We make LOTS of mistakes. I bet if you tried to figure out how many mistakes you have made in your entire life, you wouldn’t be able to count that high. Not to mention, we may not even remember all the mistakes we’ve made, or even know about some of the mistakes we’ve made. We are human. That’s something that humans do on a regular basis. I routinely try to give myself a break. I forgive myself for being myself.

That being said, there is another good reason. Mistakes are teachers. Mistakes show us that we are not perfect, that we have a lot to learn. No matter how old we are, mistakes will continue to occur. Mistakes are not only teachers, they are the most valuable teacher we could have.

Not making mistakes will not make you smarter, or richer, or happier. Not making mistakes will cheat you out of the experiences that you need to evolve into a more knowledgeable person. Mistakes are the magic that holds life together, and I love them.

I don’t love mistakes when I am making them, but I sure do when I look back in retrospect and see them for the formative, enlightening moments that they are. Don’t fear making mistakes, but take the time to evaluate what they taught you…..or hopefully taught you.

Try hard not to repeat making the same mistake, because this indicates that you didn’t learn what you were supposed to learn the first time. Rather, make new, interesting mistakes! Try everything. Experience life, because we really don’t know what will happen when we cross to the other side…..not with utmost certainty. This is it. Try, try, try, until you don’t have the energy any more.

If you catch yourself saying, “Oh man, I shouldn’t have done that”, remember, to say it as a teacher might say to a student, not like a mother might say to a child. Say it factually, without condemnation. Say it with conviction to acknowledge it, learn it, dismiss it, and not repeat it. You are an incredible learning machine, aren’t you?

Have a wonderful weekend. Now, get out there and make a mistake.

Cheers, Deb