Pioneers in the Age of Aquarius

Please excuse me for being absent so long. Work has been extremely busy, now that we are able to perform elective surgeries in our state again. What has been a physical drain for the last three weeks is now starting to show signs of promise, in that I will be able to spend a bit more time on meditation, and self development.

Today, after doing a home yoga practice, I listened to a short YouTube video by Jai Dev Singh on activating the pineal gland. What he is explaining is the essence of meditation. Activating the pineal gland elevates our frequency, and leads to connection with the higher realms…’s really the point of meditation if you think about it. You can find this video here:

Anyway, during this short talk, he mentions the transition of our Earth from the age of Pisces, into the age of Aquarius. I am sure you are familiar with this term, having heard it at some time or another. It supposedly will take 25,868 years for the Earth to visit all 12 astrological signs. Each sign takes about 2100 years to complete. We were all born in the age of Pisces. Come to find out, that my oldest child was born in 1991, a year that began the “cusp” of transition into the age of Aquarius. Regarding the age of Aquarius:

“The Age of Aquarius is causing great turmoil in order to make room for the new values of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. Everything with Piscean values is being exposed and taken down. This includes governments, corporations, individuals, and even personal relationships. Many call this a disaster, as the world appears to be falling apart, but is it? 

The Aquarian Age points to the direction of our own evolution in consciousness. We are each being asked to make a choice. We can cling to the old outdated values or adopt the new evolving ones. Our happiness and peace depends on our choice and the change will take place whether we like it or not.”

So, there you have it. Did I reincarnate in order to birth children of the new age? My grandchildren were born fully within this new age, and according to Jai Dev, vibrate at an entirely different frequency. All I can say is, “GOOD”. Hope is here people. If you believe it, please try to work with it in your own lives. If you think this is a bunch of hogwash, then just be observant. Things you are seeing, and will see in the very near future show signs of this change.

I am consciously making the choice to tear down the old believe systems, with bureaucracy, greed, and selfishness. I am trying to be a light for others, helping the world to have a new vision in which we live collectively and with a love consciousness.

What will you do? Can you be a pioneer? Daily life is stressful, so at this time it is more important than ever to sit with yourself. Slow Down. Stop trying to control things and enjoy this moment.

Hope your week goes well. Please leave any nice comments below! Cheers, Deb

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