The Summer That Wasn’t


Surprisingly, it is now September. What? Yes….summer is almost gone. I am having a hard time processing this, because Covid 19 has somehow given me a case of distorted time dimension.

I had four trips scheduled from June through Labor Day Weekend. London with my daughter – cancelled. Graduation trip Austin – cancelled. Graduation trip New York – cancelled. And the piece de resistance, Mexico this weekend – cancelled.

Let me say that most of this has been alright. I now have credit on four different airlines. I am planning to do London a year from now, and changing Mexico to Costa Rica next spring. Costa Rica is letting in specific states, in response to how well they are doing with Corona. My state of Colorado has just been readmitted, as long as you sign something, have travel insurance, and a negative Covid test before flying. Hopefully, something will reduce this red tape before March or April of 2021.

So, in response to “what did you do this summer?”, I have to say, “I have no idea.” I rode my bike a lot, saw my grandkids on the weekends, and went to the neighborhood pool a couple times (with chair in hand and waiver signed). I worked on the house and yard, walked my dog, and continued going to work. In general, I was a house frau.

Nothing wrong with that, but time has become a total blur, and before you know it, the snow will be flying. Please….vaccine soon…. Life is tolerable, but just not as fun without restaurants, movies, friends, and parties. It has led me into more extensive quiet periods, which I also cherish.

To the mountains I go this weekend, to experience the wonder of living above 7000 feet. It might get into the 40’s at night, so here come my sweaters! Take care and enjoy September.

Cheers, and leave a comment below on how you spent YOUR summer. Deb

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