My Haunted Condo

In keeping with the paranormal theme through the month of October, I am going to tell you about the only property I owned with it’s own little ghost.

It was the spring of 2012, and I had just gone through my divorce and received half of the value of our home. I wanted to invest in a place of my own, and after searching with a realtor from the area, found a townhouse built in the late 70’s. Part of the house had recently been redone, as a kind of “flip” for the previous owner. It had new drywall, paint, and carpeting. I knew the kitchen had to be improved, and I proceeded to buy it and do just that, installing new countertops and tearing down a non-weight-bearing wall. It was looking pretty good. I even had my psychic daughter do a walk through, and she didn’t feel anything bad, so, good for me!

I moved in all of my stuff and set to placing everything just as I wanted. The upstairs had 2 bedrooms and a bath, the basement had a large room, a laundry room, a huge bedroom, and and smaller side bedroom. I remember being in the basement messing with the drywall after the cable had been installed, and distinctly feeling that I was being watched. I shrugged it off as just the quiet enveloping me.

Because of the configuration of the living room upstairs, I placed my favorite chair at an angle, behind which was the door to the basement. It actually felt pretty creepy sitting there. However, I was spending a LOT of time at my boyfriend’s house, and so I was not in the house much, and hardly ever by myself. I don’t think I ever slept alone in the house; he was always with me. Right after I moved in, my best friend and her husband came to visit. I let them use the townhouse and I stayed with my boyfriend. She reported sitting in my chair reading my book, “34”, (about my daughter and paranormal experiences), and was so creeped out she had to go to bed. She kept looking behind her as if someone might be there.

The worst thing was that the laundry room was in the basement, and I had to go downstairs for that. It was just an unsettling feeling. I never experienced anything else. I did think the door to the basement was moving a little by itself, sometimes just a little more closed than I had left it.

Shortly after buying this, I ended up renting it out. My boyfriend wanted me to be at his house, and we figured it would be a good opportunity to make some money. My first renters were three kids in their early 20’s. Two men and one woman who were the best of friends and needing to split the rent to make ends meet. Three people: she used the extra room upstairs, and they used the two bedrooms in the basement. They all had jobs and worked at different times, so were rarely all together.

A couple of weeks after they moved in, I got a call from one of the young men. “Is your house haunted?” he asked. I answered that as far as I knew, it wasn’t. What was going on? They reported being in the basement together watching T.V., and hearing the sound of feet running in the hallway upstairs. They also reported the basement door opening and closing by itself. Hmmmm….I guess maybe it wasn’t my imagination.

The level of activity increased. They found my old ouija board downstairs, and started asking questions. Uh oh….things got worse. They thought it was a little girl. They heard little girl voices sometimes. The guy in the smaller room downstairs had to move into my old bedroom, because he was constantly being awakened at 4 o’clock in the morning – every morning, no matter what time he went to bed. He was becoming sleep deprived and creeped to the max. The woman went so far as to place holy water in her room. The ouija board game magically ended up under the couch upstairs – they had not placed it there.

After about 6 months, it became clear they wanted an out. My daughter and her boyfriend expressed a desire to move in, so I made that happen. My daughter had found ways to shut things out, and he was a non-believer. I do remember the basement door violently slamming right before her as she walked down the hall one day. She also reported not wanting to go down and do laundry, so she kept the door closed.

After finding that she was pregnant with my first grandchild, I decided to sell the townhouse and find a real house to buy that they could rent. I’m really glad I did. The townhouse was bought by an older couple who wanted to use it as a rental. I know someone lives there today, and would love to know if they experienced anything unusual.

If you want to know more about my paranormal journey, please pick up a copy of “34” by Debra Fulton. You can find it here:

Happy haunting, and have a great weekend. Cheers, Deb

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