What I’ve Learned

Here we are in May. I have been back to work in a major way for the last two weeks. Because elective cases were on hold, we now have a backlog of work to do. We don’t have enough staff, or energy for this, so most of us are working 9 to 11 hour days. It’s exhausting, and so, I’ll keep this short.

What I learned during the inward concentration of energy during the “quarantine period”, which I have to say, for me was delightful….

  1. I need more time for myself. When I have many days in a row of free time, I spend it constructively meditating, writing, musing, and enjoying the present moment, which I treasure. I am a much better person physically and mentally when I have more time.
  2. Things don’t need to be rushed. In retrospect, I realize I have always been a task-oriented person. This makes me a great nurse. However, thinking that everything has an expiration date or a certain TIME to be done is a terrible way to live life. Living as if we have all the time in the world….which we really do…..is a much better way to proceed. Perspective.
  3. Beauty is in the small things. Observing birds has become a pastime. I have always taken into account the small changes in the seasons, but now am more aware of insects, birds, animals…..it’s really amazing.
  4. Life is long. Time is just a made up thing anyway. People say life is short, but, I also find it to be long in many respects. We all have the same amount of “time” in a day. The way you proceed is up to you. Chose wisely.😊
  5. Money is highly overrated. Yes, we need money to pay for the essentials in life: housing, food, clothes, gas….etc. But, your expenditures usually equate your income after a time. I was surviving on less than half of normal for a month and it didn’t matter. Much longer, well, that’s a different story. I found much more comfort in the people in my life.
  6. Sleeping is important. Okay, I have always been a sleep hound, so this is no surprise.
  7. I don’t need to wear make-up, or fix my hair when push comes to shove. It’s a frill.
  8. Mother nature is amazing. Her remedy for decades of abuse has come into fruition. She has her ways of cleaning us up. The skies are clear, and the noise is almost nonexistent.

I am sure I have learned much more, but this is all the energy I have for today. I’m up for another 10 hours or so of work tomorrow and the next. Take care out there, and enjoy any peace you may have found! Cheers, Deb

The First Day Out

Well, it’s officially the end of lock-down here in the state of Colorado. We had to run an errand, so we got to the Home Depot right at about 7:30, hoping no one would be there. Right….there were LOTS of people there, with a pretty hefty checkout line as well. After that, we did yard work, and got ready to meet a couple of our friends for a “socially distant motorcycle ride”. Sounds pretty harmless. After all, we haven’t been out on the Harley for about 5 weeks or so.

Along the route we saw many more cars than I expected. It seems everyone has a case of cabin fever so they are making the most of it. There were a LOT of motorcycles, a LOT of bicyclists, and a LOT of people parked at the trailheads here in the foothills. People want out, and they want out now.

I don’t think any of these people believe it is okay to be close to others, and people in the store were wearing masks, so that’s good. Except for the 12 bikers next to the lake drinking beer in very close distance to each other, most others were trying to abide by the six foot rule.

What is saw was much more traffic than I expected, and lots of smiling faces. People on bikes waving to each other, and people in cars waving…..it was like we were just released from five years of hard time! People here thrive on being outdoors, and it was very apparent today. The bonus was the most beautiful, clear sky, with no hazy fog. That is something we haven’t seen for a while. In a way, I’m sad to say the pause is over, although getting back to a somewhat normal schedule is healthy for the mind and pocketbook.

Hang in there if you haven’t been released yet. Time really does go by fast, and we don’t want to overwhelm each other, we have to keep slowing the spread. Take care. Cheers, Deb