Add it to the List


Just a humorous note on list-making. If any of you out there like to be organized, and make a lot of lists to keep you that way, then let me just say, “hat’s off to you”. Let’s be clear: I am obsessive about my list making, because traditionally I am a “goal oriented person”. In other words, I have an internal agenda and want to cross everything off daily (sometimes several times a day) in order to stay in check.

This behavior may find some of you rolling your eyes and rubbing your head, but it works for me. If I can’t cross things of the list, and this could be the daily list, the weekly list, or the long-term list, then that item will be carried over to the next list with that title.

Let me just state that I am an operating room nurse, and have been a nurse for a very, very long time. Nurses ALWAYS have an agenda. We are trained to observe small signs and record things down to the minute. Especially in an operating room, where all documentation must match other documents down to the minute (lest we go to court), we are obsessively noticing every….little….detail.

When I first started working in the O.R. back in 1990, one of the nurses there shared her shortcut to remembering times. She rolled out about 6 inches of medical tape, slapped in onto her thigh, and started writing times down on her leg. This was preferable to running over the the chart every 10 seconds to write stuff down. It worked for her, and I used it in times of chaos. Keep that little trick in mind the next time you need to remember stuff.

Just for giggles, here is what is currently on one of my “short lists”:

  • Buy Austin tickets
  • Check air Delta 6/2
  • pay Heloc back (I know…)
  • glasses ready
  • Eric Hoffer book award (book, entry fee, $60.00 check to….address
  • Austin – Denver 5/25 (pd for 1 checked bag)
  • blog ideas on meditation…….etc. etc. etc.

The opposite side of the page has about 15 lines of code with dates, time frames, duties and approximate ideas of what I did for my boyfriends non-profit organization…see here:

Because, you just don’t know when he’s gonna say, “what have you done for me lately”? Just a note on old-fashioned checkbook entries….I always had to balance down to the penny. Thank God for online banking so I could let that one go! Whew!

So, if you are or are not a list-maker, just remember, someone out there has a list with your name on it. You will be remembered. Have a wonderful weekend people. I will let you know how my upcoming weekend in New Mexico living in a trailer in the middle of nowhere goes….

Cheers! Deb

Donut Whole

The demonic sprinkle donut

If you work in any type of office environment, including something like mine – a lounge in a healthcare building, you know about the dreaded donut event that occasionally happens.

Here’s the scenario: co-worker is feeling rather good about life for some reason, co-worker is sharing joy and enthusiasm by buying the large, rectangular box of multicolored donuts at local shop, co-worker brings large rectangle into office breakroom and leaves them to share….

This is wonderful! Magnificent! “Who brought the doughnuts? And why?? Oh, John did, that was nice of him!” This is the typical response shared by all the employees, only to lead to hours upon hours of donut torture. Yes, there will be some who bravely step up and reach into that vat of fat and sugar to retrieve a FULL SIZED donut, and then walk away as if it was no big deal.

However, for the majority of us, it has to be proceeded by verbal explanations of why we are only eating half of a donut, or a quarter of a donut. “I have been so good lately, I deserve just a little bit.” Or, the self-flagellation point….”I shouldn’t be doing this. My husband/wife and I are dieting together.” “I’ve been going to the gym regularly, and hate myself for taking this.” All the while, taking the little plastic knife and gently slicing the poor donut into microscopic pieces in order to consume less, but still get all the delicious goodness of a sprinkled cake donut, or a long john.

Why must we put ourselves through such torture. JUST EAT THE WHOLE DONUT FOR GOD’S SAKE. If you feel that bad about it, skip it. Use that self-control to resist the sugar. But, if you want to eat the donut, just do it. One donut does not a morbidly obese person make. It’s lots and lots of sugar daily, with no end in sight, that send our delicate balance of hunger hormones amok. Can you eat just a few potato chips? Can you take one small piece of chocolate after dinner? Sure! Unless you are in some kind of dire situation with chronic health issues and a food tracker, eat the whole donut. There.

Don’t make John feel bad about treating you to a donut. Next time you feel awesome, bring in some veggies and hummus. See if you get a lot of negative self-talk from that!

Have a great day at the office. “Follow” me for more random stuff. Cheers, Deb