The Summer That Wasn’t


Surprisingly, it is now September. What? Yes….summer is almost gone. I am having a hard time processing this, because Covid 19 has somehow given me a case of distorted time dimension.

I had four trips scheduled from June through Labor Day Weekend. London with my daughter – cancelled. Graduation trip Austin – cancelled. Graduation trip New York – cancelled. And the piece de resistance, Mexico this weekend – cancelled.

Let me say that most of this has been alright. I now have credit on four different airlines. I am planning to do London a year from now, and changing Mexico to Costa Rica next spring. Costa Rica is letting in specific states, in response to how well they are doing with Corona. My state of Colorado has just been readmitted, as long as you sign something, have travel insurance, and a negative Covid test before flying. Hopefully, something will reduce this red tape before March or April of 2021.

So, in response to “what did you do this summer?”, I have to say, “I have no idea.” I rode my bike a lot, saw my grandkids on the weekends, and went to the neighborhood pool a couple times (with chair in hand and waiver signed). I worked on the house and yard, walked my dog, and continued going to work. In general, I was a house frau.

Nothing wrong with that, but time has become a total blur, and before you know it, the snow will be flying. Please….vaccine soon…. Life is tolerable, but just not as fun without restaurants, movies, friends, and parties. It has led me into more extensive quiet periods, which I also cherish.

To the mountains I go this weekend, to experience the wonder of living above 7000 feet. It might get into the 40’s at night, so here come my sweaters! Take care and enjoy September.

Cheers, and leave a comment below on how you spent YOUR summer. Deb

When In Rome

The island of Sicily

At last the time has come for a REAL vacation. Not a “staycation” (staying around the house not working), not an “oblication” (visiting family, or going out of town for an event you have been invited to), but a vacation.

A real vacation to me, is the ability to be in a place where you know absolutely no one (except the person you travel with), have interesting experiences you don’t have in everyday life, try new foods, see cool stuff, and can unplug from all electronic devices.

Let’s face it. We have waayyy too much screen time, and not enough me time. We really need to experience life without a laptop, TV, and even the all-invasive cell phone. Of course , I will have my phone. But, I am really, truly trying not to look at it more than twice a day. Maybe in the morning after breakfast, and possible right before bed. Just in case there is an emergency at home, the world is falling apart, etc.

Researchers have found evidence that cell phone use gives us harmful radiation, changes in brain and sleep activity, possibly cancer, and of course germs. How often do you alcohol your cell phone? Just do it. Yuck. I won’t even sleep in the same room as my cell phone, unless someone I know is in the hospital or something.

Time for a break Ladies and Gentlemen. I will be on a plane for quite a while, traveling 8 hours into the future, and to a slightly warmer climate. It snowed at my house in Colorado today, October 10! I will be on the island of Sicily, and then in Rome for a short tour of the major stuff; Colosseum, the Forum, and the underground Catacombs. You have to include lots and lots of bones for heaven’s sake.

When I return, I’ll give a thorough report on what’s going on over there. I’m sure to have a couple good stories. In the meantime, don’t forget to clean that cell phone and take a short break from it as well.

Cheers, and ciao for now, Deb

Koo Koo Kachoo

Earlier this week I went out for a drink with a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen since moving back to Colorado. We were talking about vacations, our families, and generally catching up on some current events. When we were on the topic of families, I asked her if her husband had any siblings. She told me he had two: one who lived somewhere else, and a younger sister who went “koo koo kachoo”.

“Excuse me, did you say, koo, koo, kachoo?” I asked. I wondered if this was a place or a thing.

“Yea, koo koo kachoo. She just got sick of the American way of life, tired of trying to figure out her financial stuff, packed a bag, moved down to Costa Rica and went koo koo kachoo.”

Interestingly, I had never heard this term for someone who chose to leave society as we know it. Apparently this person is “off the grid” so to speak. She may be hard to find if they need her. Her will is her own. She just goes where she wants, when she wants. Probably works jobs as she needs them in order to eat, sleep, wear clothes, etc…..

Koo koo kachoo is a phrase from the Beatles song, “I am the Walrus”, I thought, anyway. What I found out is that in the Beatles song, the phrase was actually “goo goo g’joob”. From what I have read, somewhere along the line, Simon and Garfunkel also used the koo koo kachoo phrase, and apparently it means that everything is A-Okay. I don’t really know, I just had to gather info from the internet, which is always sketchy. If you know the real meaning, please comment below.

Anyway, the concept of running away from everything has always been very attractive over the ages. I’ll bet everyone knows of someone who pulled this maneuver. When I went to Greece, I met an American that told me she went on vacation there and decided never to move home. She works for a travel agency and speaks to Americans. She fell in love with a Greek guy, and probably has a little Greek baby now. I also knew a surgeon whose brother ditched it all, put a t-shirt into a backpack, and walks around the forests in Northern California by himself, sleeping on pine needles that he scrapes into piles. Wow… about a risk taker. These people rival the biggest investors on Wall Street as far as risk goes.

I just want to take a moment and give it up for all those Koo Koo Kachoo’ers out there that listened to their souls and did what they wanted. Good for you guys. You didn’t let them tell you you couldn’t. You didn’t let them sway you for even a second. Screw it! you did what you wanted, and it might have worked out great for you. And if it didn’t, you always have the option to live in the traditional method. You gained some really cool experiences.

Here’s a secret……deep in my heart I’ve already gone a little Koo Koo Kachoo. I don’t really give a big hoot if what I’m doing works out according to everyone else’s expectations, and I hope you can go a little Koo Koo Kachoo yourself…Have a great week!

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