Gluten Glutton

Chocolate croissant

So sorry it’s been awhile, but I went to ITALY! Actually, 7 days in Sicily, and 3 in Rome, but who’s counting? The sights were amazing, the history was rich, and the weather was just right. All is well, including….the wheat. Yes, the wheat.


What does a gluten sensitive girl do in the biggest carb nation on Earth? She eats it! Here’s the thing: gluten is different there. I had heard a lot of people say that the gluten in Europe didn’t bother them, and they ate croissants, pizza, pasta, and every bread imaginable with no issue.

So, I tried it and had NO ISSUE. Why is it different, you might ask. Think about the way we farm in the U.S. and the way they farm in Europe. Maybe, they didn’t try to hybridize their wheat in order to grow massive amounts of it. And maybe, they don’t spray insecticide and Roundup all over it.

You may have heard that the average box of Cheerios now has detectable levels of Roundup. Not something you want to jumpstart your day with. As a matter of fact, they are starting to think that maybe people aren’t sensitive to gluten, their bodies just might not like poison chemicals circulating around inside of them. Who’d a thunk?

Even though a lot of scientific evidence debunks the link between Roundup and health issues, here is an article from EcoWatch that reports otherwise.

It’s a hot topic, but either way, I have to say that I just feel better without gluten in my gut. My symptoms are extreme joint pain that tends to build up. I have tried reintroducing wheat into my diet several times and end up with the same bad results, so I just don’t eat it.

There is a Netflix documentary that explains the evolution of American wheat production that is pretty educational. You can access it here:

It was a great treat, however, to eat wheat like it was going out of style. I probably gained a few pounds, but what is vacation for? Hopefully, it will wear itself off in a few weeks. In the meantime, I have very fond memories of the delicious things I ate. Real pizza, real pasta, real bruschetta soaking in a plate of olive oil…..oh, Mamma Mia!


If you have been abroad and tried to eat wheat, please tell me your experience. I’m going to miss it greatly. Cheers, have a wonderful day!

Arrivederci, Deb

When In Rome

The island of Sicily

At last the time has come for a REAL vacation. Not a “staycation” (staying around the house not working), not an “oblication” (visiting family, or going out of town for an event you have been invited to), but a vacation.

A real vacation to me, is the ability to be in a place where you know absolutely no one (except the person you travel with), have interesting experiences you don’t have in everyday life, try new foods, see cool stuff, and can unplug from all electronic devices.

Let’s face it. We have waayyy too much screen time, and not enough me time. We really need to experience life without a laptop, TV, and even the all-invasive cell phone. Of course , I will have my phone. But, I am really, truly trying not to look at it more than twice a day. Maybe in the morning after breakfast, and possible right before bed. Just in case there is an emergency at home, the world is falling apart, etc.

Researchers have found evidence that cell phone use gives us harmful radiation, changes in brain and sleep activity, possibly cancer, and of course germs. How often do you alcohol your cell phone? Just do it. Yuck. I won’t even sleep in the same room as my cell phone, unless someone I know is in the hospital or something.

Time for a break Ladies and Gentlemen. I will be on a plane for quite a while, traveling 8 hours into the future, and to a slightly warmer climate. It snowed at my house in Colorado today, October 10! I will be on the island of Sicily, and then in Rome for a short tour of the major stuff; Colosseum, the Forum, and the underground Catacombs. You have to include lots and lots of bones for heaven’s sake.

When I return, I’ll give a thorough report on what’s going on over there. I’m sure to have a couple good stories. In the meantime, don’t forget to clean that cell phone and take a short break from it as well.

Cheers, and ciao for now, Deb